Fresh, Fabulous Food at Farm to Fork

Our tasting plate of 5 fantastic cheeses at Farm to Fork.

Farm to Fork. I wasn’t sure if I liked the name at first, though it certainly grabbed my attention. It works great for me if I’m thinking of fruits, vegetables and cheeses. Not so good when I think of cute little critters.

It didn’t help that Farm to Fork’s Facebook page had an adorable spotted pig as their profile picture awhile back. Yikes! Someone has a sense of humor there for sure.

Regardless, I could not be stopped from trying Farm to Fork, a treasure of a restaurant in Dundee, OR.

My first trip there was so appropriate for those of us living in wine country. A group of moms, kids all safely dropped off at school, headed out for a late breakfast/brunch at Farm to Fork, followed by wine tasting in the little tasting rooms along Newberg’s main drag.

It was the first time at Farm to Fork for all of us. You have to check out the menu for yourself to fully understand the dilemma we had in making a choice among such unique and lovely options. I chose the chef’s whim-of-the-day frittata. Oh, so, good and perfectly prepared. Also amazing was the price…only $9.

Note: Be sure to check the website or call for hours at Farm to Fork. They recently went to “winter hours” so breakfast can only be experienced on Saturdays and Sundays for the time being.

Dinner at Farm to Fork is equally fresh and fabulous. I came home feeling all fancy and telling the boys in my most proper voice that I had the “hen” for dinner. Indeed, that hen deserved to be described as such, because that was the best chicken I’d ever had. And, I shamelessly managed to scrape up every bit of the potato puree (mashed potatoes to most of us) that came with it.

Ironically, my experience with the “Drapers’ Farm Hen” happened long before the Portlandia show aired a few weeks ago. If you have missed the restaurant scene with Colin the chicken, you really must watch. I felt I could have had a comparable conversation with the staff at Farm to Fork.

Infact, we basically had a repeat of that discussion last weekend at Farm to Fork but about cheese and honey. Our server knew everything. Out of a list of probably 20 cheese selections he was able to guide us with ease to the five we shared. I resisted the urge to ask him to name the cow that produced the milk and if we could meet her!

Don't miss Farm to Fork on your next wine country tour.

My meal was again fantastic. My only regret was that I didn’t have the cheese plate starter all to myself. I was somewhat consoled by the fact that my duck leg came with more chunks of the Rogue Blue Cheese that I now must find on a regular basis for some heaven at home.

Farm to Fork is worth a special trip to Dundee and a can’t-miss-stop if you are wine tasting in the area.