Marriage and Mixed Nuts

Kirkland Extra Fancy Mixed Nuts

Just before our recent trip to Kaua’i I was in the most desperate of places.  I mean, who doesn’t want to lose weight or tighten up before a vacation full of beaches, sun and swimming suits?

I feel that I know how to eat right.  I also know that Weight Watchers Online is an effective, sensible solution for me. So I just went back on Weight Watchers, right? Nope. I convinced Brian that we both needed to try to The South Beach Diet.

I firmly believe that compatibility with your spouse is hugely impacted by food compatibility. In this case, there is no way could I have even made it a day on the South Beach Diet without Brian’s willingness to go along.

So, out went the bread, popcorn, chips and beer and in came the nuts, eggs and V8.

We both had some weight-loss success following the extremely low-carb eating plan.  But, we definitely strayed during and after our trip.

One healthy habit we learned from South Beach is sticking. We now both enjoy and prefer a handful of mixed nuts in the evening (with our beer or wine). We squashed the craving for fluffy carbs at night. So we stock up now on the Kirkland Kirkland Signature Extra Fancy Mixed Nuts
from Costco.

The Kirkland mix includes cashews, almonds, macadamia nuts, Brazil nuts and pecans.  Boy those cashews are BIG.  Just taking a handful and truly mixing them up is great. But, of course, we all have our favorites, and I admit that sometimes I pick through for the little gems.

That’s where food compatibility and spouse compatibility come back around.

Thank goodness Brian is an almond/macadamia guy because I am cashew/pecan girl. We are perfectly complimentary…when it comes to mixed nuts.  It would get ugly fast if Brian started picking out my cashews.

Now if only we could get one of the boys to be nuts for Brazil nuts. Does anyone like really like those?