Sesame Donuts Sweetens-up Sherwood

Sesame and pumpkin spice donut holes from Sesame Donuts

It was a close 4-3 vote by Sherwood’s City Council to allow a donut shop to grace the space in the new library building. Sesame Donuts opened it’s doors in 2006 and life got a lot sweeter in Sherwood.

My little Joe with his serious affection for confection would cheer excitedly every time we passed by. He pronounced it “See Sam” Donuts. That name has stuck and when I say, “Let’s go to See Sam’s,” my whole family jumps up with smiles ready to go.

Sesame Donuts is truly an extraordinarily good donut shop. Many, many excellent choices await you and all are airy pillows of sweetness that are gone much too soon. And, the owner and staff are all just as sweet as the treats they sell.

Excuses to go to Sesame Donuts include birthday snacks at school, early-game team snacks, family brunches and then just because it’s Sunday (or Saturday or Friday, etc).

I’m often carting away three bags of donut holes to school, so that the kids can share one of each of their favorites with friends.

I haven’t met a donut at Sesame Donuts that I didn’t like. However, I do have favorites. Their signature sesame donut hole is great, as is the pumpkin spice donut hole. My favorite donut hole though is the powdered. They are sooo fluffy and each one surprises me with just how light and sweet it is.

Sesame Donut's wonderful cinnamon roll.

A new obsession for me is the cinnamon roll. Oh, geez, it’s good. So many times with cinnamon rolls I just patiently get through the outside so I can devour the gooey, doughy, cinnamon-dripping middle.

But not with these. The whole thing is ooey and gooey and buttery and soft and full of cinnamon. I actually bought two in one week…that could be a problem.

I think I know what I want for Mother’s Day.

Sesame Donuts also has outlets in the Tigard, Hillsboro, and Portland.

Oh, and it’s worth mentioning that Sesame Donuts are free of trans fat.