Treat Yourself to Tina’s for Lunch in Dundee

Rabbit risotto at Tina's in Dundee, OR

When I spied a gift certificate for Tina’s restaurant in Dundee at a silent auction I immediately made a bid.

Tina’s always catches my eye while driving through Dundee. Truth is that I’ve felt a bit cheated that I haven’t been there. I didn’t even know they served lunch!

So, I hovered near the auction table to make sure I was the highest bidder and grabbed that lunch certificate. Fun!

My hubby and I chose to use our Tina’s lunch to celebrate his birthday. It was perfect.

The day was rainy and grey, but Tina’s felt sunny, peaceful and very friendly.  We were even seated by a blazing fire. And, we received some of the best service I’ve ever had.

Our server informed us that with our certificate, we could order anything on the menu. Multiple appetizers, entrees, desserts, etc.  We could go crazy. What a great auction item.

So while we stared a bit wide-eyed at the wonderful menu, we enjoyed a nice glass of Ayres Pinot Noir.

Tina's popular pan-fried oysters

Tina's salmon spring rolls with spicy hazelnut sauce

The only thing I knew we “had” to get was the pan-fried oysters. I had been convinced by my dental hygienist that morning that we couldn’t miss the oysters.

She was so right. Absolutely delicious and flaky.

We also tried the salmon spring rolls in a spicy hazelnut sauce. The sauce was amazing. Sweet like melted brown sugar with just a little nutty, spicy kick. I’d love the sauce on just about anything I think, maybe even just on a spoon!

Our chosen entrees were, for me, a rabbit risotto and, for my husband, a smoke salmon penne with dill cream sauce.

The risotto was not the heavy, creamy-cheesy risotto I’ve come to expect. It was light and loose and had a caramelized sweetness with flavorful greens mixed in. Yu-um.

The pasta was similarly light and allowed the salmon and greens to steal the show.

Tina's smoked salmon pasta in dill sauce

Ayres Pinot Noir by the fire at Tina's

We both felt so good and satisfied with our meals that we actually passed on the dessert. I have a twinge of regret on that. I may have to make a special trip just for dessert some afternoon…soon.

I truly only have good things to say about my Tina’s experience. It’s the whole package. Tina’s is intimate yet friendly and casual. The menu is creative yet emphasizes local and seasonal ingredients. And, the prices and service are excellent for such delicious lunch-time treats (entrees ranged from $10-$13).

I hope to return to Tina’s soon. Either for another lunchtime treat with my girlfriends perhaps or for a parents’ night out with another couple.  Tina’s is the kind of quiet, yet fun restaurant where great food, service and conversations could combine for a memorable evening.